Dr. Jeff O’Flaherty

Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

Dr. Jeff O’Flaherty attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, one of the top science based Chiropractic colleges in North America. While pursuing his degree, he developed an interest in foot/ankle biomechanics and decided to attain an advanced degree in pedorthics at the Dr. Scholl’s School of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago. Not long after, Dr. O’Flaherty founded CVN Orthotics, a custom foot orthotic manufacturing company that utilizes the most up to date knowledge in biomechanics and foot orthotic therapy.

Since moving back to metro Halifax in 2008, he has become very involved inMinor Hockey, both as coach and president of Sackville Minor Hockey. Thisyear he is owner and head coach of the ChiroCare Kings in Sackville!If you don’t find Dr. O’Flaherty at the office, you’ll likely find him on the ice! Being an avid sports enthusiast throughout his life, it was only natural for him to take an interest in sports chiropractic. Dr. O’Flaherty enjoys treating athletes of all ages and utilizes his extensive knowledge of biomechanics to effectively treat injuries, teach prevention and optimize training programs for athletes of all ages.

Dr. O’Flaherty has developed training and rehab programs for hockey and these programs are implemented in the rehabilitation room at the clinic. He is certified in Active Release Technique and Graston Technique to effectively treat soft tissue injuries, including ligament sprains, muscle tears and tendonopathies. He can also read x-rays and advanced imaging such as CT and MRI to help diagnose fractures and ligament tears.  Fracture immobilization with fiberglass casting is another service he offers, which came in pretty handy (literally) for the 2009 Bantam AA Flyers and their provincial championship run!

His comprehensive approach to helping a patient find and fix the root cause of the problem combined with a gentle and caring demeanor is what so many patients appreciate. He tackles lifestyle factors and promotes exercise to help patients take control of their health, learning how to get well and stay well.  He believes that empowering patients with knowledge and helping them to recognize the pattern of events which have led to their condition, will help them prevent future exacerbations and increase their overall well being and quality of life.