About us

Our mission is to provide quality, hollistic, patient centered care to the families and individuals of our community. Our values of community, health and wellness, drive our team approach to your family's well being. We offer multiple practitoner services in a warm, inviting space and help break down the barriers to achieving your best health by offering services, workshops and fitness/yoga classes all in one place. We serve the buzzing communities of the greater Halifax area including Bedford, Sackville, Fall River and Beaverbank.

a bee ontop of a beehive

Why the bee?

The prescence of honey bees in an ecological community signify that the ecosystem is healthy and thriving. Bee’s are very social animals that live in large families and contribute to the health of their community. Bee’s are known for their work ethic and for working as a team, this is known as The Hive Mind.

Our team has adopted The Hive Mind mentality and we emulate the qualities of the iconic honey bee in our passion of improving the health and wellness of our community. Come be a part of our hive and experience how it feels to bee well.